Back to the Drawing Board!

Well after much fuss and debate, I had decided that things just were not going to work out in PA, so I reluctantly packed my bags last week and headed back home. I’m of course let down that things didn’t work out, however after announcing my departure from PA, I was contacted by a couple friends of mine who may have a place for me in their operations.

While I am unable to speak publicly about the opportunities, I will say that I feel very strongly that something may come to fruition. However, with that said, I’m trying my┬ádarnedest to not get my hopes up. If I’ve learned anything the past couple years it’s that nothing seems to go as planned – especially in the haunted house industry!

I will update this blog with any news or updates regarding getting involved in another show. Turns out the phrase “When one door closes, another opens.” stands true and I am extremely excited and eager to see how things pan out!