Oblivion to Return in 2013?

If you’ve been following our site for more than a couple months, you may have noticed a previous post dedicated to the Oblivion Haunted House based out of Wisconsin. After their 2012 season, the owners decided to sell their attraction and part ways. This decision was a sad one not only for myself, but for the large fan base the attraction managed to gather over the three short years of its operation. Another haunt had come to rest.

From posts off of the Oblivion Haunted House Facebook, it was clear that the owners had moved on to other projects planning a Halloween themed show at a local theater. It was only until recently that speculations of the attractions return began to surface.


In recent postings, the owners have encouraged their fans on Facebook to use the hashtag #oblivionhauntedhouse to receive clues about the attractions return. And while they have yet to release a solid answer as to whether or not the attraction will be returning, I feel it’s safe to say that without a doubt Oblivion will be back for the 2013 Halloween season!


As a fan of their work, I’m extremely excited to see what becomes of this and am anxious to see when they will let the cat out of the bag officially. For more information about Oblivion, visit the Oblivion Haunted House Facebook.