A Legend Comes to an End

When first getting involved in the haunted house community, there’s one haunt that always had a special place in my heart. It was the very first big pro haunt I visited  and proved to be an amazing inspiration for not only myself, but countless other haunters and enthusiasts who were able to visit their show. Sadly, after 13 years, Dream Reapers Haunted House in Melrose Park, IL has closed its doors for good.


What made DR so different than so many other haunts was their amazingly strong acting troop. Each actor had their own character with full costume and Hollywood quality makeup making the interaction between customer and actor a very entertaining and convincing experience.

For years Dream Reapers (DR) was rated one of the best haunts in Illinois, and was recognized nation wide as one of the best in the industry. When the Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show took place in Chicago, DR would open its doors allowing haunters to tour the halls of their legendary haunt. When hearing of its closing, several haunters on social media sites and forums mentioned how much they enjoyed DR the 13 years it was open and how inspiring it was. It was truly a legend and will truly be missed by many.