Haunt Show & Update

Just thought I would update you all on my progress out in Pennsylvania. While I’m still not officially an employee (working on getting paperwork ironed out) I have been able to be down at the haunt play a part in the whole process.

Earlier this month some of our crew and I attended Transworld’s annual Halloween & Attractions show in St. Louis and while this was my fifth time to the show, it was great going as a part of a haunt crew again! The entire time was a blast as always. It’s the one time of a year I get to see so many friends of mine from all across the map. It was so great! It’s was amazing how much a few short years can change things. From going to a kid who didn’t know hardly anyone in the industry, to running into old friends constantly in the hotel lobby and on the show floor.


While the show was a blast, by the end of our six day visit, I was definitely glad to be heading back to PA! We made off while quite a haul from the show and I was able to meet several other people in the industry. In all, it was a fantastic experience and can’t wait until next year!

As far as things at Hundred Acres Manor, as mentioned, things are still getting ironed out. However, things should be fully ironed out here in next few weeks. It’ll be quite a weight off my shoulders once things are finalized!

That’s all for now. As far as video/photos from the haunt show, I decided not to take any. There are hundreds of others (with better cameras and filming techniques) that took plenty of video and photos for everyone else to view. If you’d like to learn more about the haunt I’m working with, check out the Hundred Acres Manor website¬†or for information on the haunt show, visit the Transworld Halloween & Attraction Show website.